Fibroblast Plasma Blaze is the world's most advanced, non-invasive non-surgical device-based treatment that delivers immediate results and permanent rejuvenation; it increases collagen production and elasticity. Ultimately fighting against our body clock. Results improve for 12 weeks & last for 5 years!

At Cosmetic Wellness in Sydney, we specialise in Fibroblast Plasma Blaze & have formulated custom techniques to treat every skin concern, skin type & 1-5 on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Our Revolutionary Plasma Fibroblast treatment in Sydney is amazing for those who are after a natural anti-ageing prevention, or who would like long term results without compromising skin health!

There are ample benefits of Fibroblast Plasma Blaze treatment. Our clients use this beauty treatment to treat many concerns as well as for overall skin rejuvenation & correction.

Fibroblast Plasma Blaze is a superficial treatment when administered correctly only grazes the surface layer of the skin using plasma to cause contraction, the controlled minuscule trauma caused to the surface layer of skin will accelerate the bodies healing properties and increase collagen production in the area improving the result for 3-6 months post-treatment depending on age, lifestyle & severity of the area of concern results last up-to 5 years while some concerns like scar regeneration are permanent.

This Fibroblast Plasma treatment is precise correction and enhancement and cannot be compared to the IPL laser. Results vary from client to client, and are dependent on lifestyle factors, skin care regime and following strict after-care protocol.


• Full face lift suitable for most ages, the Plasma Blaze full face lift & rejuvenation will target every concern while rejuvenating skin & treating lines and wrinkles
• Forehead & Frown lines can be treated naturally and effectively without the use of any injectables
• Cheek lift, Nasal Folds reduction & Jowls lift
• Jawline define
• Neck to treat loss of elasticity or lines that may have formed due to hereditary or lifestyle
• Full Eye area Rejuvenation & line removal
• Eyelid lift treats excess skin & hooded eyelids to widen eye opening• Eyebrow lift widens eye opening by lifting the brow stragtically with or without altering eyebrow shape
• Under eye rejuvenation improves eye bags & improves circulation by brightening dark circles & treating lines and wrinkles including crows feet
• The Nose sculpt treatment targets bulbous tips or refines and contours nose skin tissue effectively to sculpt or contour the nose naturally
• Lip flip will define lips & contour outline to give a natural lip enhancement of the cupids bow, upper lip & bottom lip
• Breast lift with Fibroblast plasma blaze targets skin on the breast that has lost elasticity & shape this treatment contracts skin fibres to improve shape and renew skin to regain plumpness
• Stomach lift is effective for tightening skin on the stomach that might’ve been affected by weight changes or pregnancy also popular for clients who wish to define the stomach by treating any excess skin or loss of elasticity.
• Post pregnancy loose or saggy skin can be treated using fibroblast plasma blaze, a specific technique is applied to the affected areas to ensure skin is lifted and tightened simultaneously depending on the severity of the concern more than 1 treatment maybe recommended
• Arms can be treated to target loose or saggy skin
• Inner thighs to tighten skin and improve elasticity
• Scars on any area of face or body can be treated improvement is seen after one session more severe scars may require more than 1 session (excluding keloid scars)


• Overall Skin tightening/elasticity improvement
• Line removal and minimisation
• Skin rejuvenation
• Wrinkles/ excess skin treatment
• Skin texture improvement
• Imperfections /scar treatment
• Even out skin tone
• Complexion brightening
• Even out skin tone
• Skin Regeneration


• No injectable anaesthetic
• No cutting of the skin
• No stitches
• Low risk
• Minimal side effects
• No bruises
• Cost saving (inexpensive)


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