Become A Fibroblast Plasma Blaze Technician

Expand Your Skills

Interested in becoming a Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening specialist in Sydney or Melbourne?

Now is the time! Complete your training courses with Cosmetic Wellness, leading Plasma Fibroblast specialists, to become a certified Plasma Fibroblast technician today! It has never been a better time to BE YOUR OWN BOSS as a professional Fibroblast Plasma Blaze technician with our special Fibroblast Training courses. Fibroblast Plasma Blaze has finally reached Australia and taken the beauty industry by storm!

Fibroblast Plasma Blaze is truly a revolutionary non-invasive non-surgical skin tightening treatment with unlimited benefits!

By applying multiple techniques we are able to treat:

• Loose saggy skin
• Scars
• Stretch Marks
• Fine Lines
• Wrinkles
• Non Surgical Facelifts
• Signs Of Ageing

• Rejuvenate The Skin
• Promote Skin Regeneration (Take years off!!)
• Eyelid Lifts
• Under Eye Rejuvenation
• Even Out Skin Tone
• Non-Surgical Nose Sculpting

For a low investment and potential massive return in training courses, Cosmetic Wellness in Sydney can assist you and provide you with all the tools required to become a certified professional Fibroblast Plasma Blaze technician. Please note that the treatments range between $300-$800 per area.

Our extensive 3-day training course about Fibroblast Plasma beauty treatment includes all the knowledge you need to know about Fibroblast Plasma Blaze! This includes the techniques that we apply on a daily basis to achieve amazing results at our skincare clinic in Sydney!

We at Cosmetic Wellness look forward to having you join us in our intimate training program course in Sydney and Melbourne that will turn you into a confident Fibroblast Plasma technician.


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A high quality Plamere Plasma pen is inclusive with your professional start up kit!
Extensive 3 Day Course Cost

$5000 + GST

According to NSW regulations there are no pre-requisites required. However we highly recommend that you complete the following course

Infection Prevention & Control
This can be found online, and should be obtained after your Plasma Training and before launching your Plasma Fibroblast career.
(Cost ranges between $300-$500)

To register for the training simply copy & paste or click on the link and fill out the application form