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Cosmetic Wellness is a leading skin care clinic situated in the inner west of Sydney that specialises in the most advanced & medical grade Anti-Aging & Skin Tightening Treatments like Fibroblast Plasma Blaze, HIFU, DMK Enzyme, and Radio Frequency. With our years of experience in the skin care and beauty industry, we are able to provide the best non-invasive and energizing skin treatments in Sydney which are suited for all skin types and conditions.

Our trained & qualified skincare experts and technicians work with a comprehensive approach and utmost dedication to achieve the finest skin tightening and rejuvenating results. Moreover, our experts also carry out an extensive skin analysis beforehand to offer the best-suited skin treatment for you.

At Cosmetic Wellness Skin Care Clinic in Sydney, we care about our client’s safety and satisfaction, therefore, we only use only the latest and highest quality of equipment to deliver an unforgettable skin care experience.


Cosmetic Wellness in Sydney offers a range of non-invasive skin care and beauty services which includes Fibroblast Plasma Blaze treatment, HIFU, DMK Enzyme treatment, Fat Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening treatment, and Plasma Fibroblast Blaze Training course.

These treatments are effective and suitable for all skin types and problems like aging skin,
scars, dull or dry skin, wrinkles, skin acne, or enlarged pores.

All the skin and beauty treatments offered by Cosmetic Wellness Sydney are performed by a team of experienced and certified skin care professionals for maximum satisfaction and effective results. We only thrive for exceptional results and the finest skin care experience for all our clients.


Fibroblast Plasma Blaze

Fibroblast delivers immediate results and permanent rejuvenation; it accelerates the collagen productions and elasticity ultimately fighting against our body clock ensuring results improvement for up to 12 weeks.


HIFU is a non-invasive treatment targeting various depths of the body tissue tightening, lifting and contouring the area of concern. HIFU targets the deeper layers of the skin, boosting new collagen production and regeneration at the right source.


DMK considers the entire functionality of the skin. The treatments utilise the underlying structure of the skin, with pharmaceutical-grade products. DMK Home Prescriptives, which consists of 36 products with a high concentration of active ingredients. Each product is designed to work with specific internal functions of the skin by matching the body’s chemistry to work symbiotically with DMK professional treatments. 


Fat Cavitation is a non invasive cosmetic treatment designed to contour the body & liquidate stubborn fat cells. Fat Cavitation is non-invasive and pain free! The pain free treatment targets fat reduction & effectively addresses traditionally stubborn areas that tend to store fat the most frequently, including the hips, thighs, stomach, upper arms and buttocks.


Celebrities best kept skin secret to looking younger. The famous Morpheus8 treatment that is loved by so many celebs such as Kim Kardashin, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Bella Thorne, Lisa Rinna, Eva Longoria, Amanda Holden, Gwyenth Paltrow.

lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. 


Radio Frequency skin tightening technology directly targets the visible effects of ageing such as wrinkles, sagging, dehydration and surface roughness.

During treatment, radio frequency waves penetrate the skin to tighten it from the inside out. The local heating causes immediate contraction of collagen fibres, and at the same time, increases metabolism of the fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen fibres).

Hair Mesotherapy

Mesoceutical Hair Loss treatment uses a combination of both medical and pharmaceutical grade products in-conjunction with MESO Pen to achieve optimal results.

MESO Pen helps create thousands of micro-channels in your skin that deliver active ingredients/peptides 80% deeper into the skin than regular topical applications.

Plasma Pro

Using the most advanced Plasma technology combined with Cold Plasma to tighten, brighten and rejuvenate the skin effortlessly with no downtime and no pain!


FormaV is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that can improve vagina elasticity, sensitivity, dryness, low blood flow, painful intercourse, and other uncomfortable symptoms. FormaV vaginal rejuvenation tightens the vaginal canal and promotes collagen restructuring.


Lumecca is the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. After just one use, clients notice significant improvements in the complexion and clarity of the skin. Lumecca operates using photothermolysis, which provides a photo facial through the delivery of a comfortable light treatment.


Dermapen4 micro needling treatment helps lift and rejuvenate the skin with minimal downtime. The treatment will boost collagen production and elastin in the deep dermal layer to restore healthy youthful skin.

Recover, Rest & Rejuvenate

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We have searched high & low internationally to bring you the most advanced revolutionary treatments that are sure to exceed your expectations! At Cosmetic Wellness Sydney we have tried it all & refuse to compromise on quality. We are a results-focused clinic customising treatments to treat your concerns.

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Thank you Aliyah....she made me feel I'm well looked after and knows what she's doing. The result from plasma was like magic and the pain wasn't all that bad as I had thought.
Totally 100% recommend this to anyone for a face lift alternative without going under the knives.
Will be back for more!

5 Star Review


It was a pleasure visiting this clinic I love my Plasma fibroblast results treatment was not painful at all, Lia by far the most experienced and knowledgeable.
Thank you Sara for the last minute booking!
Cosmetic Wellness is the best skin care clinic!

5 Star Review


Amazing service, at Cosmetic Wellness.
I was so nervous about doing the plasma Blaze as I didn't know much about it but Lia was so patient & understanding she went through everything with me,
I'm so glad I trusted her I'm so happy with my results! Affordable prices also!

5 Star Review